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Phoenix Baby Photographer | Sophia is One

To say that I had a blast working with Sophia would be an understatement. She was SO much fun and an absolute riot! So many adorable expressions. So much personality from such a little one. I am so lucky that her parents brought her to my studio.

Look at these faces! Seriously. So much personality!

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-1

Little Sophia is on the MOVE so she didn’t stand next to the big number one for very long. Just long enough to snap a quick one.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-1


Sophia was just happy happy, no matter where we put her. I sort of wanted to keep her! I have always wanted another baby girl.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-3

Such a cutie and she looked so good in pink. Love the little crown that mom brought.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-4

This one really makes me giggle. Daddy thought we could pose her like a newborn. LOL! So funny! This was the only time during the session where she looked a little unsure of the situation.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-5

Now on to my FAVORITE part! The cake smash! Sophia loved it and had no problem digging in and making a mess. I just love the gorgeous cake and so did Sophia. A majority of the one year olds that come in for cake smash sessions are really hesitant with the cake smash. Not little Sophia! She smashed that cake up like a boss, showing those other babies how it’s done.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-6

Bath time after the cake smash is the perfect way to clean up and makes for some adorable pictures. Sophia had so much fun in the bath! The rubber duck was very intriguing to her and she had great time trying to catch bubbles.

Phoenix Baby Photographer April 16-1


If you are looking for a Phoenix Baby Photographer, feel free to contact me to schedule your session today. Smash cake sessions are such a fun way to capture such a big age milestone.

It’s often hard for me to come up with the words to describe how much I love being a Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer. My clients are amazing and I truly appreciate each and every one of them. I develop a special relationship with all of my clients and many become like family to me.

Baby Mason was just the sweetest little guy. His eyes told me a story and he was just a sweetheart. He was a bit unsure at first and had to make sure I was ok, but he warmed up quickly. I just love the expressions I was able to capture from little Mason.

Phoenix Arizona baby photographer -1


So serious yet so sweet. I love how he’s holding his hands too.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -2


Mason loved “playing drums” on the metal bucket.  What a little cutie!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -3


I just love his expression here. Raised eyebrow and all. Wise beyond his years! 
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -4

This FACE! So darn adorable! He melts me! 
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -5

What a little ham! Baby Mason sure knows how to work the camera! Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -7

Mason cracked me up with this number one! He thought it was the funniest thing to repeatedly knock over the giant one. Such a character!
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -8

Little Mason was SO adorable with his stuffed bunny! He loves to give kisses and gives them on command. Totally heart melting!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -9And…. For that first taste of cake…

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -10

Mason approved of the cake. Love those sweet and bright eyes looking right at the camera.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -11

Sometimes you get a foot in the cake. He didn’t seem to mind much though.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -12

This was the funniest part of the entire session and the second time in the last couple of months that a baby has tried to pick up the cake. I couldn’t stop laughing! So funny!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -13

Sugar buzz was kicking in. 🙂

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -14

And he’s off! I am sure he was ready to put that sugar buzz to good use and explore the studio.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -15


This is why I LOVE being a Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer. Capturing these special times are what I am passionate about.

Cake smash sessions are the best! Baby Benjamin was such a little handsome and cute little guy! He was so fun to work with and it didn’t take much to make him smile. We got through a ton of set-ups in just a short time. His family was so sweet and everyone pitched in to help get him to smile and look at the camera. Such great eye contact from such a little fella!

So many adorable expressions! 1 year is such a fun age (although Benjamin won’t be officially one for another few weeks). ]

How CUTE is he in this button down shirt and tie?!?! I die!

cake smash


Love the outfits his mom brought to the session! I love the argyle sweater and the blue really popped against the grey backdrop. <3 <3 <3

cake smash

Of course we had to include a Valentines Day backdrop! He rocked that too! The red bow tie was the perfect finish for this handsome little man.

cake smash

Benjamin wasn’t so thrilled about the cake at first but that changed quickly after a bit of coaxing. Sometimes babies need to try it first and realize it’s not so bad after all. He ended up pretty happy about the cake towards the end, as you can tell by the huge mess he ended up making.

cake smash

Nothing like a warm bubble bath to clean up after a messy cake smash session! Benjamin could have stayed in the tub all day. He just loved it so much.



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