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It’s often hard for me to come up with the words to describe how much I love being a Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer. My clients are amazing and I truly appreciate each and every one of them. I develop a special relationship with all of my clients and many become like family to me.

Baby Mason was just the sweetest little guy. His eyes told me a story and he was just a sweetheart. He was a bit unsure at first and had to make sure I was ok, but he warmed up quickly. I just love the expressions I was able to capture from little Mason.

Phoenix Arizona baby photographer -1


So serious yet so sweet. I love how he’s holding his hands too.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -2


Mason loved “playing drums” on the metal bucket.  What a little cutie!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -3


I just love his expression here. Raised eyebrow and all. Wise beyond his years! 
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -4

This FACE! So darn adorable! He melts me! 
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -5

What a little ham! Baby Mason sure knows how to work the camera! Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -7

Mason cracked me up with this number one! He thought it was the funniest thing to repeatedly knock over the giant one. Such a character!
Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -8

Little Mason was SO adorable with his stuffed bunny! He loves to give kisses and gives them on command. Totally heart melting!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -9And…. For that first taste of cake…

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -10

Mason approved of the cake. Love those sweet and bright eyes looking right at the camera.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -11

Sometimes you get a foot in the cake. He didn’t seem to mind much though.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -12

This was the funniest part of the entire session and the second time in the last couple of months that a baby has tried to pick up the cake. I couldn’t stop laughing! So funny!

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -13

Sugar buzz was kicking in. 🙂

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -14

And he’s off! I am sure he was ready to put that sugar buzz to good use and explore the studio.

Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer -15


This is why I LOVE being a Phoenix Arizona Baby Photographer. Capturing these special times are what I am passionate about.

Being a Phoenix Baby Photographer certainly has it’s perks. I am always happily shocked at how different these little ones look when they come back for their one year sessions. To think that just a year ago, they were tiny, brand new, and helpless little beings and when they come back at a year old crawling everywhere and usually walking and getting into everything is just astonishing. What a crazy miracle each of these little people are! It never gets old seeing this incredible change.

Baby Tatum was the sweetest little thing! I could have taken her picture all day. Those big brown eyes and her sweet little curls melted me.

Phoenix Baby Photographer- March 2016-1I just love how sweet little Tatum looked at me when I was photographing her. She looked SO pretty with that little bow on her head but she decided she wasn’t a fan so it only lasted for a few seconds.

Phoenix Baby Photographer March 2016-2

Of course we couldn’t leave ADORABLE big brother, Fran in the session.  What a little blue eyed cutie he is! I love the look he gave me when we first started. HAHA!

Phoenix Baby Photographer March 2016-3Little Fran is a big fan of music and loves to pretend to be a rock star by playing his guitar pillow. Such a little character! I love him. 🙂

Phoenix Baby Photographer March 2016-4


It was definitely a fun session and we had a lot of laughs! I can’t wait to see Tatum and Fran again soon! Two perfect little cuties that are always a pleasure to work with. I have enjoyed watching them grow over the last year.

I am currently scheduling studio milestone sessions for the months of April-October. Please contact me to get on my schedule. I would love work with you and your little ones. For more info on my sessions and pricing, check out my pricing and info page and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I couldn’t have had a more perfect mini-newborn session with baby Elizabeth. Her sweet mama is a friend of mine and I photographed her big sister as a newborn a little over 2 years ago. As a Phoenix Newborn Photographer I just love being able to offer newborn mini sessions. Newborn mini-sessions are perfect if you don’t need more than a few simple setups and aren’t needing sibling or family photos. They usually don’t last longer than an hour or so and I always get a great variety of images for the viewing gallery. Just a great little session that focuses on only the baby.

Now let’s get to the baby photos…

I got one shot of little Elizabeth with open eyes at the very start of the session. She couldn’t keep those sweet eyes open with the hum of the space heater and the repetitive sound of the baby shusher and fell into a deep sleep.  BTW– the baby shusher is one of the most amazing little gadgets for getting those little ones to fall asleep. Hint, hint… Parent’s, get a Baby Shusher! You will thank me later! It works wonders with my own little guy and has worked wonders for my little tiny clients.

Phoenix Newborn Photographer Elizabeth-1

Little profiles, baby smirks and little ones all bundled up are some of my favorite things in the entire world!

Phoenix Arizona Newborn Photographer Elizabeth-2
One of my FAVORITE shots from the entire session was in this bowl. I am absolutely in love with just how peaceful and relaxed little Elizabeth looks in here. The little knit romper from The Knitting Bitty fit in the most perfect way possible.

Phoenix Arizona Newborn Photographer Elizabeth-2


Tiny little toes and fingers. I could stare at them all day. I have made it a point to get those sweet little detail shots in my most recent sessions. I forgot how much I enjoy capturing these perfect little parts of my tiny clients.

Phoenix Newborn Photographer Elizabeth-4


Those little nose dots. Something that only sticks around for a few weeks and then they are gone forever. I love these little trademark features that only newborn babies have.

Phoenix Newborn Photographer Elizabeth- 5


So many different angles that I captured with just a few different set-ups. I adore baby Elizabeth in this peach color. Simply perfect! I am so happy that her mama could bring her to my studio for this quick session. It was such a pleasure to work with this gorgeous little person.

Phoenix Newborn Photographer Elizabeth-6

If you are looking for a Phoenix Newborn Photographer, feel free to contact me to schedule your session today. I only schedule a limited number of sessions per month although I do occasionally have a last minute opening available. I would love to get to know you and capture one of the sweetest times in your life.



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